Smart ecosystems in the universe of intelligence

This talk at the “Nobel 1st Conference in Urbanism“, Olso 8-10 December 2021, discusses how cities change under the smart city paradigm. There is evidence that the smart city is becoming the dominant urban development and planning paradigm in the 21st-century shaping how cities and communities evolve under the impact of data, e-services and cyber-physical systems. We argue that smart ecosystems and intelligence connecting humans, communities, and machines structure this urban development path. We look into the current transformation of cities from three perspectives. First, by examining a theoretical framework defined by innovation and digital transition based on platforms, crowdsourcing, user awareness and engagement. Second, by reviewing current trends for cities under the impact of smart systems and widespread intelligence. Third, by a survey on projects for intelligent and smart cities around the world. In conclusion, we identify key pillars of the current urban transformation.

Download the PPP: 2021-12-Smart ecosystems in the universe of intelligence