Requirements for Cities Transformation into Smart Ecosystems

The PPP of my talk in the workshop “Smart Cities digital transformation and digital competences for smart cities’ personnel”. The online workshop took place on Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 10:30 -14:30 (EEST). It was organised in the framework of the DEVOPS project, which aims to close the gap between today’s and future’s skills demand of the municipal workforce in smart cities.

The talk is about the requirements for the digital transformation of cities into smart ecosystems. It outlines five areas of requirements: (1) Strategy development by city ecosystems, (2) Integrated cyber-physical projects, (3) Group of e-services per ecosystem, (4) Data collection, storage, and open access, and (5) Governance of operation and impact. Requirements in the first area are related to strategies, requirements in the next three areas concern smart city projects, and requirements in the fifth area are on operation and impact. More detailed requirements are needed in each area, but all are driven by the interoperability and integration of heterogeneous urban, innovation, and digital systems.

Download: Requirements for Cities Transformation into Smart Ecosystems