Net-zero energy districts: Connected intelligence for carbon-neutral cities

Net Zero Energy Districts (NZED) are city districts in which the annual amount of CO2 emissions released minus of emissions removed from the atmosphere tend to zero. NZEDs constitute a major component of a new generation of “smart-green” cities that combine smart city technologies and renewable energy technologies. NZEDs promote environmental sustainability; they contribute to a cleaner environment and can address threats and disasters related to climate change.

The aim of this paper, presented at the conference “The Future of Liveable Cities”, Naples, Italy – 22 November 2021, and at the conference “High-level Talent Development, Technology City Resilience and Greater Bay Area Sustainability International Conference”
Shenzhen, December 3-5, 2021, is to

  • assess the feasibility of transition of city districts to NZEDs based on local renewable energy, which would decentralise and strengthen enormously the transition to carbon-neutral cities, and
  • identify thresholds, which allow for a housing district to become a self-sufficient NZED, covering all energy needs by locally produced RE.

Download the PPP: NZEDs-Connected intelligence for carbon neutral cities