Fight climate change with connected intelligence

This talk at the 61st Annual Meetings of Western Regional Science Association, Scottsdale, Arizona, Feb 17th – Feb 20th, is based on the paper by Kakderi, C., Komninos, N., Panori, A., & Oikonomaki, E. (2021). Next city: Learning from cities during Covid-19 to tackle climate change. Sustainability 13 (6).

The Covid-19 crisis showed that a connected intelligence approach, combining (1) rule-based organisation of cities, (2) digital services optimising human and community activities, and (3) scientific discovery, is effective to deal with a global crisis.

Our argument is that based on the same mix of human, community, and machine capabilities, we can develop strategies for environmental sustainability and adaptation to climate change across city ecosystems and sectors of activity.

Here is the PPP of the talk: 2022-02-Next city