Intelligent Clusters, Communities and Cities: Enhancing innovation with virtual environments and embedded systems

This Special Issue International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development contains papers that outline parallel aspects and phenomena shaping simultaneously intelligent cities. Among the topics discussed are: (1) The globalisation of innovation ecosystems and new relationships between innovation and its environment, as knowledge resources from around the globe combine together and new innovation environments and institutions take shape. (2) Living labs and innovation hubs that continue and progress the theory of innovative milieu and innovation clustering in the era of global digital interaction and involvement of end customers in new product design, development, and testing. (3) The rise of collaborative knowledge networks and virtual communities sustaining innovation capabilities and the innovation performance of organisations. (4) E-governance and changing city management towards more democratic and participative forms enabled by online communication and interactive community services. (5) The digital city and digital citizenship, myths and ideas accompanying these concepts, and challenges of institutionalised digital cities. (6) Ubiquitous communities; pervasive and intelligent environments enabling new forms of interactions and transactions that become available anywhere at anytime.